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Our team is not responsible for the inappropriate use of SecretLogger.
It is forbidden to use the application for phishing and confidential data of third parties.
It should be remembered that the Polish law prohibits the wiretapping of other citizens without their consent.
Please refer to the license documentation available on our website in the Documentation tab.

Art. 267 KK:

§ 1. Who without permission obtains access to information not intended for him, by opening a closed letter, connecting to the telecommunications network or breaking or bypassing electronic, magnetic, IT or other specific security, is subject to a fine, imprisonment or imprisonment of up to 2 years.
§ 2. The same penalty applies to anyone who, without authorization, has access to all or part of the IT system.
§ 3. The same penalty is imposed on anyone who, in order to obtain information to which they are not entitled, assumes or uses a listening device, a visual device or other device or software.
§ 4. The same penalty applies to whoever obtains information obtained in the manner specified in § 1-3 to another person.
§ 5. Prosecution of the offense specified in § 1-4 takes place at the request of the victim.
Thus, the author of the software is not responsible for the use of the program unlawfully, as well as for damages and losses resulting from the use of this program.

Scanning SecretLogger via Virustotal is prohibited under the penalty of life-long license blocking!

By using SecretLogger you agree to the above conditions.

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