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On how many computers can I install the purchased program?

SecretLogger can be installed on an unlimited number of computers.

Can I install the program from pendriva?

Yes! After purchasing and downloading, you can copy SecretLogger on a pendrive and then easily install it.

How is SecretLogger delivered?

The application is sent electronically (e-mail) immediately after posting the money.

Can I send SecretLogger remotely?

Of course! SecretLogger can be sent in an e-mail, through gadu-gadu, via facebook etc.

I do not know about computers, can I handle it?

Sure! Our program is very easy to use, and the "what and how" instructions are included in the e-mail. In case of problems, individual help from our technicians is possible.

Does SecretLogger slow down your computer?

No! The memory download requirements are very low.

How long does the program work?

Indefinitely! There is no time limit, because customer satisfaction is our priority.

How to configure the program?

After purchase, the program is automatically configured. The customer does not have to do anything more.

Can it be detected?

We made sure that our program was fully undetectable by antivirus systems or even ordinary users.

What operating systems does SecretLogger work on?

The software works with all popular operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Why choose SecretLogger?

There is no other such an effective and innovative solution on the market! SecretLogger enables convenient, fast and above all remote control over any computer. The service is very intuitive, designed according to the capabilities of each user.

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