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Please read carefully the contents of this license documentation, hereinafter referred to as the license, which is a legally binding contract concluded between a natural person, hereinafter referred to as the user and owners of the SecretLogger organization, hereinafter referred to as the authors. The license specifies the terms of use of the software, binding authors and users. The software is protected by Polish and international copyright law and the protection of intellectual property rights.

  1. The subject of this license is the use of the "SecretLogger" software, hereinafter referred to as the program.
  2. The authors are the sole owners of the program, including copyright and property rights to the program.
  3. The authors provide a copy of the program to the user for its exclusive use. The user has the right to use the program according to its purpose on computer hardware.
  4. The program can be used only on the number of computer stations (licenses) specified in the program purchase agreement. The user can use as many serial numbers as he is entitled to from the number of licenses purchased.
  5. The user is not allowed to rent, lease, resell or rent the program, its copy to third parties.
  6. The transfer of rights to use the program is only allowed when the present license is transferred and accepted by the new user, the original version of the program is passed, and the authors are notified and the fee paid.
  7. It is forbidden to decompile, disassemble and any other modification of the program, as well as the use of the program or its part in other software. It is also forbidden to use the program to create publications and studies without separate consent of the authors.
  8. The user has the right to free updates of the program for the duration of his license.
  9. The user who purchased the program is entitled to free electronic assistance (via e-mail, gadu-gadu, contact form), as well as to obtain technical information.
  10. The authors undertake to keep the price for one client position within one month from the date of purchase.
  11. The authors do not bear any responsibility for damages that could occur as a result of the application of the program, including loss of information and financial losses resulting from the use or inability to use the program.
  12. The authors do not bear any liability for the unlawful use of the program.
  13. It is forbidden to use the application to phish confidential information.
  14. It is allowed to install the program on a computer owned by the user.
  15. In the event of a breach of the license terms, authors have the right to terminate this contract and assert their claims for the infringement.
  16. By accepting the following license, the User agrees to receive information e-mails regarding the software used as well as other SecretLogger software.
  17. The user undertakes to inform all computer users in a clear and understandable way about the operation of the installed program.
  18. If you install our program on a computer, you may be exposed to legal liability, depending on the laws in force in your country. Always before using the program, check whether the use of such programs in your country is allowed and under what conditions.

Attached files: SecretLogger.exe generator, the Icons folder
(functions included in them are available under the license of The Code Project Open License 1.02, which is available at: /info/cpol10.aspx ).

Operating periods and the value of the license:
  • The monthly license costs 14.00 EURO (14.00 EUR) and is valid for 30 days from the moment of activation by the user who purchased SecretLogger.
  • The half-year license costs 65.00 EURO (65.00 EUR) and is valid for 180 days from the moment the user who bought SecretLogger activated it.
  • The annual license costs 93.00 EURO (93.00 EUR) and is valid for 365 days from the moment of activation by the user who purchased SecretLogger.

  • By using the SecretLogger software, you agree to the above license documentation.

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